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We specialise in providing temporary and semi-permanent eyelashes, just one of the many beauty salon services we offer here at Divine Hair & Beauty. Eyelash extensions are now one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in the UK, from natural to glamour, and everything in between, semi permanent eyelash extensions are the perfect solution.

Strip lashes

A temporary lash extension solution – Natural or glamour look these lashes are designed for a daytime or evening event… Easily removed without damage… If cared for correctly they can be reused.

A 15 minute service.

Party lashes

Clusters of lashes applied along the natural lash line to create a glamour look. A weekend solution for eyelash wearers.

A 20 minute service.

Express lashes

Individual lashes placed into the natural lash line and layered on top. Great for creating extra length… Lasting upto 2 weeks it is advised these lashes need to be professionally removed before replying.

A 30-40 minute service.

Semi permanent lashes

Individual lashes applied one extension to one natural lash throughout the entire lash line to give both length and volume. These lashes come in different lengths, thicknesses and curls in order to ‘bespoke’ the service to each client. Lashes can be expected to last 4-6wks with correct aftercare. Maintenance is recommended 2-3wkly. Professional removal recommended.

A 1.5hr to 2hr service.

Russian volume lashes

This advanced application technique allows for a softer more voluminous look. Several incredibly fine lash extensions are used to create a fan of lashes which are then applied to each natural lash throughout the lash line. The lashes look fuller for longer meaning maintenance is usually considered between 3-4wks.

A 2hr to 2.5hr service time.

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